The power of our mouth cannot be denied! Did you know that the average person speaks 16,000 words per day! (per an article in ABC News written by Ashley Phillips 2007) Crazy right?! Each day we are communicating constantly. This communication can either benefit us or derail us, not only in our every day lives, BUT also in our destiny. If your daily vocabulary is filled with statements such as...I CAN'T, I WON'T, I'M NOT SMART ENOUGH, I'M UGLY, I'M FAT, SHE/HE IS BETTER LOOKING/SMARTER/MORE SUCCESSFUL etc. etc. etc. What do you think your mind is processing by hearing all of these negative words? After you have repeated negative connotations over and over and over again.... your mind will begin to not only receive these things, but believe them as truth. The longer this pattern of negative talk takes place, the harder it is reject these lies! 😕

This can become a long term problem, creating a false reality that keeps you from succeeding in anything you may try to accomplish. If if you have an issue, that challenges you every day...DO NOT GIVE IT LIFE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH. Speak the opposite of what you are dealing with! For instance, if you are not as healthy as you could be replace the words, I am sick all the time, with...I WILL RECLAIM and HAVE VICTORY OVER MY HEALTH. Quite simply it's choosing to believe the positive versus the negative, speaking the positive versus the negative. Take back the power over your mind, by beginning with the most powerful organ you have your tongue/mouth! I challenge you to consciously keep track of what is coming out of your mouth each day for two weeks. When you speak something negative, stop in your tracks and say NO, I REPLACE THAT STATEMENT with something OPPOSITE/POSITIVE <3 Take the challenge and feel free to contact me about how I can help Coach you FORWARD into your DESTINY :) Choose to "SPEAK LIFE" ❣

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