MOMENTS OF IMPACT ...where faith touches your every day life! Leading you into impactful, meaningful engagement in pursuit of more, more of God's best for you!

Wavering in our Faith ...Are you struggling right now...fear, worry, doubt? God's grace is sufficent!

Guard your heart and mind; don't partner with fear! Are you feeling overwhelmed and fearful in these trying times? Be encouraged and focus on the one who knows your best...Jesus!

I nvest in those...who invest in YOU! Do you find yourself striving to connect with people who just seem to ignore you? It's time to start THRIVING and not striving in your relationships. Simple truths regarding connecting with others. You are valuable so invest in those who invest in you!

Kick Comparison to the Curb! Do you struggle with comparing yourself to others? You are fearfully and wonderfully made, compare no more!

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