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Option 1 - Individual Sessions

The cost for an individual session is $75. Few people find that an individual session is enough to make lasting changes. However, individual sessions can be used to laser in on a particular problem or as kick start in the right direction. I have also found that some clients are more comfortable in purchasing one session at a time, and purchasing more sessions as they continue to make progress.

Option 2 - Cocoon Buster (3 sessions)

The cost for this program is $225 for 3 sessions. This package may be used for LASER focused coaching on one particular area or as a refresher after having done the full 6 sessions.

Option 3- Taking Flight (6 sessions)

The cost for this program is $450 for 6 sessions. You can do one session per week for 6 weeks or you may choose to spread the 6 sessions over a two-month period. This program is not meant for someone who is seeking small changes. This program is meant to help you identify barriers and hindrances to you reaching your full potential, dreams and destiny! Break forth into the beautiful life you are searching for!

Media Coaching * please contact me regarding your needs, for a speacialized quote


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